Personal well-being is our strength, the reason why our suites are your top preference


The radiant ceiling and MEV combination guarantees the best comfort for your moments of relaxation.

Radiant ceiling

Forget headaches, neck pains, and colds. The temperature is managed by the radiant ceiling that does not produce the annoying air flows of traditional air conditioning but instead creates a uniform sensation of heat/coolness.


The sophisticated mechanical extract ventilation system guarantees continuous air exchange even when the windows are closed. During a long shower or jacuzzi, temperature and humidity will always be under control, as if you were on the sofa watching your favorite TV series.


Our windows are built with triple glass for unparalleled acoustic comfort, canceling even the slightest noise that may annoy you while sleeping.


The sun will be one of the main protagonists of your stay in Sicily, outdoors and in our suites. Thanks to large-sized windows, you will enjoy bright rooms at all hours.

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